This updated version of Medfrench is fondly dedicated to the memory of Brian J. Levy (1938-2004) in honour of his immense contribution to the study of medieval French language and literature.


We would like to thank the following who have been instrumental in allowing this work to be completed:

  • Alan Hindley for permission to update his and Brian J. Levy's original program
  • The Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund of the Faculty of Arts, University of Leeds, for funding to produce this updated version of the program
  • Dr Oliver Pickering and Katja Airaksinen for providing images from manuscripts in the Special Collections section of the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
  • All the students on the Level 2 undergraduate module Love, Laughter and Chivalry, class of 2006-7, for their invaluable feedback before and during the updating process
  • Nigel Armstrong, Department of French, University of Leeds, for his advice on linguistic terminology
  • Gary Stringer, Creative Media & Information Technology, University of Exeter, for his help with technical issues
  • RenderX, Inc. ( who have been very generous with their support in providing XEP - an XSL FO rendering engine - thereby allowing the production of PDF files from the XML source through an intermediate XSL Formatting Object representation
  • Sebastian Rahtz, University of Oxford, whose stylesheets, updated by Michael Beddow, formed the basis of the XSLT/XSLFO encoding